Kodak Black Exposes The BOP For Violating

Kodak Black has been busy recently on social media. After stoking a drama with NBA Youngboy behind bars, the rapper again exposes the Bureau of Prisons for his unfair treatment.

The artist should already be released in August 2022, but now the authorities are trying to prolong the incident where he is accused of assaulting a guard while under the influence of an unknown substance.

In addition, Black had his phone, his commissioner and his email privileges in addition to being thrown into solitary confinement. Kodak Black Exposes The BOP For Violating The First Step Act

Now Kodak claims they are violating the First Step Act which Donald Trump signed, stipulating that an inmate should not be sent more than 500 miles from his family.

He came back on Instagram to express what was happening: “ Man, this Ppl Stay Trynna F *** Me Ova, All This #Coronavirus S *** and Yall Talkin Bout Trynna charge AN **** for a fake fight . If you’re charging me, do it now, don’t try to wait until I’m almost home, H *** Naw, so if you’re charging me, why are you letting me out of Da Box ?! On top of that, you send me to the Kentucky USP Big Sandy 1,023 miles from my family after Donald Trump passed the first law stating that the BOP is supposed to keep you within 500 miles of your family. Everyone knows that Big Sandy is the worst penitentiary in the BOP, apart from Hazelton.


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