Lori Loughlin’s College Admissions Cas

Lil Scrappy took advantage of social media to wish her daughter a happy birthday, because Miss Emani Richardson is officially 15 years old.

Emana’s mother, Erica Dixon, of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame, posted a beautiful message as well as great photos of her wearing a bikini and having fun celebrating her big day. Lori Loughlin’s College Admissions Case Continues – See The Pics Of Her Daughters That She Allegedly Submitted To Scam USC

Lil Scrappy said to her daughter: “Happy Queen’s Day to my first child and to the one who taught me to be a father, I never thought that I could love as I love you and I did not love not even the children before having you, im grateful for the way you have run school basketball and life in general, talented, beautiful and educated young queen that you are, i am honored that God has blessed with you as a girl.

I am proud of the young woman that you become and that you grow. You are my butterfly – becoming more beautiful every minute and every hour, I’m your father, and I got you back. I pray that your life will be lasting, happy and successful, I will love you even after the end of this life and forever, heartbreaking at the moment because I cannot believe that we have come so far and your 15 years old, now i’m super bodyguard lol.

Good mom daddy Gday loves you, and God loves you even more. Everyone helps me to wish my princess @official_emanii a very informed Gday. “


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