Riot Developers Discuss Coming Changes

Teamfight Tactics has become extremely popular in the hype of Autobattler fashion. Maybe fashion doesn’t

is not the right word because it doesn’t seem like these games are going anywhere, but it certainly looks like several autobattlers are starting to appear at about the same time.

Either way, Riot’s Teamfight Tactics is incredibly popular, using champions and base game items and rearranging them to be entirely different. Do you want to build a Rabadon on a Varus? Yeah, it’s viable! Warmog Annie? Of course go!

But there are quite a few changes coming for the new Galaxies system update that Riot has brought down. Riot_Mort, Llord Llama and Statikk all got together and provided a developer update on the changes.
Riot Developers Discuss Coming Changes To Teamfight Tactics Carousel In Upcoming Galaxies Update
“The start of a new Teamfight Tactics package is the best time to review some of our core systems that need an update,” é


Originally, the starting carousel was a mix of cost 1 and 2 champions, but Riot changed that. “Although we wanted the first champion to guide your competition, it turned out that just selling a champion at 2 costs was almost always the best decision.” Because of this unexpected effect, Riot decided to change it so that the entire first carousel was made up of champions at 1 cost.

There will also be new items to help and shake things up, as it looked like they had become rather outdated. They will do everything in their power to spice up objects that have been abandoned and have even gone so far as to delete the much desired Spatula element, which could make or break many versions. The spatula will always appear but will be much rarer. In addition, the complete elements will appear


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