Tamar Braxton Reveals Her Dream Wedding

Tamar Braxton spills all the tea about her romance with her businessman David Adefeso. The singer and reality TV star recently appeared on the Wendy Show @ Home via Zoom, where she talked about her husband and her son, Logan, in quarantine. Tamar also talked about marrying David and starting a family with him. Tamar said: ‘We’re actually quarantined during the day so we don’t get tired of each other. He’s in his office all day, and I sit on my couch all day in my office. “Tamar was asked, ‘Are you all babies?’ She replied by:Tamar Braxton Reveals Her Dream Wedding As Boyfriend David Adefeso Gets Ready To Play All The Tea On Their Romance“I would like to have a family with David, but first we need to put a ring on it. I can’t let a lot of baby dads walk around here, it’s not cute. I already have one. “Wendy further presses on their relationship and asks, ‘If he comes home with a ring tonight, would you say yes?’ Tamar described her dream wedding: “I would say yes and find someone online to do it.” She was previously married to flat producer and songwriter Vincent Herbert for nine years. The R&B diva announced on social media that David will address the matter tonight. She wrote: “All of you are funny. Bring your husband and join us tonight and hear @ david.adefeso about the story, and other couples talking about where they are in their relationships since being in quarantine LIVE TONIGHT at 8 pst on my youtube page #TamarsTake for Quarantined and linked! Special guests, drinks and fun❤️ me and my edges will be there, and if mine can’t make it. ‘


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