The ESA Have Confirmed That E3 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a large number of cancellations in the game world, but few were as surprising as the cancellation of E3 2020. The organizers, the ESA, originally declared that there would be no cancellation or postponement and that they were really excited to see how the event would go because of the big ticket sales. Unfortunately, as you have no doubt heard, they eventually had to swallow their words and cancel the opportunity regardless after several publishers pulled out of their own volition. Even if that did not happen, local governments did not intend to allow a close gathering of so many people, so E3 2020 should be taken away. Originally, the organizers stated that they would hold a replacement to fill in the gaps. The ESA Have Confirmed That E3 2020 Won’t Be Held Online It was like the natural choice, and something several other organizations did. GDC 2020 chose to post the majority of their talks, for example, and also hosted the Independent Games Festival online, rewarding the winners in an online format. There was even a good amount of fundraising to come! The E3 team is devastated to share this news. This decision has not been reached lightly, but it is the right one for the health and safety of all concerned. Read our statement here: – E3 (@ E3) March 11, 2020 But it seems the organizers behind E3 2020 have decided not to do such a thing. Although they originally announced that they would be holding an online format version of the massive event,


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