Toya Johnson Shared A Video Featuring

Toya Johnson shared a video with her daughter, Reginae Carter, and many moms will definitely relate to it. The cut comes from a promotion, and fans are simply in love with it. See below. “#Fb if you just don’t get it? How many moms can relate to this? They never seem to have time for us. This is the gas happy stage. Lol #alwaysonthego #youjustdontgetit $ 10 book sale in progress! Do not miss it., ‘Toya captioned her post.Toya Johnson Shared A Video Featuring Reginae Carter And A Lot Of Moms Will Relate To ItSomeone said, “When Reginae said she was going to the Movies and Toya, she started to put on her shoes, and Reginae said Nooooooooooooo LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 Chile, I’m dead.” A follower posted this message: “Ugh! the good days when you could just put on your jacket and go to the movies !!! These are the little things. “One other commenter posted it: ‘Took me out when you had to put on the boots too,’ and one fan said: ‘It’s so christened that such a beautiful family just loves your band .. keep the positive side of American parents with teenagers. “A follower said,” There’s a big age gap between me and my mom (I’m 1/5 what she and my dad had), but she still treats me like this and I live in my own place lol😊 “Someone else posted:” Saturday is how you treat me 💔..I just want to hang out with you and your friends. ‘


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