Valorant Won’t Be Coming To Consoles

Valorant has been in control of the internet for the past week, and that’s all we hear on every social site we subscribe to; It is like a Herculean task of avoiding news coverage to access drops, stiff competition to brilliant plays, to avoid any news of this if you are not interested in competitive first-person shooters.Valorant Won’t Be Coming To Consoles Any Time Soon, And It’s Pretty Clear WhyBut just as eager as some try to avoid it, others continue to bounce Twitch streams in hopes that the access key will eventually drop for them. Still, there is a third interest in Valorant, and it can be found on the console forums that roam the internet, looking through the window of Twitch to the joy that computer users experience (along with small anger-inducing moments) and wonder or Valorant coming to consoles soon. Unfortunately for console users, the answer seems to be a wonderful no, at least for the time being while Riot is working on ensuring that the computer experience is the best possible. Popular Twitch streamer TimTheTatman was able to get Valorant developer Trevor Romleski on the horns to ask some pressing questions about Valorant, and the release of the console was one of them. Our focus is now on computer. We are ready to explore new opportunities for other platforms, but we are currently focusing on the computer platform. – Trevor Romleski


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