Walmart Announces Preorder Bonus Plus Free

Animal Crossing fans still have time to pre-order the first episode of the series on the Nintendo Switch. The game is out at the end of the money, but new pre-order bonuses are still appearing at various North American retailers.

Walmart is the latest retailer to announce a pre-order bonus in addition to Target and Best Buy. Walmart even offers digital gifts for everyone in the form of wallpapers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the first game in the series to be released on Nintendo Switch. North America has slowly rolled out pre-order bonuses that will be available to those who order the game early. Walmart Announces Preorder Bonus Plus Free Wallpapers For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Walmart recently announced its pre-order bonus. The physical pre-order bonus is an exclusive reusable Animal Crossing: New Horizons tote bag. The bag is foldable and can be stored. The bag is decorated with the AC: NH logo with a giant image of the head of Tom Nook.

The free bonus is a selection of digital wallpapers featuring popular characters from the series, such as Isabelle, KK Slider and the Nook family.

Previously, Best Buy had announced its pre-order bonus. Players who order from Best Buy will receive a reusable sticker that can be used on almost any surface.

Players who pre-order from Target will receive a New Horizons themed journal along with a corresponding calendar to keep track of all their non-Animal Crossing related events. The Target pre-order bonus has been the most popular so far


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